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Vibration Feeder

Vibration Feeder

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Vibrator feeder

According to the customer’s workshop layout, product variety, output and packaging requirements, EverSmart will make the most ideal design scheme, provide professional customization from biscuit rejoining or shunting transport after biscuit oven, to merging or row multiplier transport, vibration transport, and various types of automatic loaders, to realize the semi-automatic and fully-automatic production of biscuits, minimize loss and secondary pollution in the process of transport and turnover of products and improve production efficiency.

EverSmart can design various product processing solutions according to different operating procedures, including:
• Automatically connected to the sandwiching machine
• Stacking loader
• Length measuring loader
• Counting loader
• On-line tray loading system

Product Introduction

●Vibration slot length is 2400 mm, across the biscuit production line, different sizes of biscuit can adjust alone;
●Independent motor drive, inverter control, to ensure product stability;
●Cookies direct contact parts made of 304 stainless steel material guarantee product health;
●Biscuit groove design of turning, parallel to the packaging machine installation, save area, convenient worker handling of cookies at the same time;
●Biscuit slot adopts full 304 materials, in line with food hygiene standards;
●Biscuit slot convenient adjustment and flexible, can according to need to adjust, suitable for different shapes and sizes of biscuits;
●The base of the independent design and packaging the tail frame connection, tear open outfit is convenient, can according to the need to change the packaging machine;
●The main technical parameters:
●Is suitable for biscuit specifications: round cakes: Φ30-90 , thickness: 2-8
●Square: long: 30-100 wide: 30-90
●Delivery speed: about 15 m/min