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Servo Tray-free Biscuit On-Edge Packaging Machine

Servo Tray-free Biscuit On-Edge Packaging Machine

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Servo Tray-free Biscuit On-edge Packaging Machine

Servo non-pallet packaging machine has high production efficiency, low noise, stable performance and beautiful product packaging. Suitable for non-pallet assembly packaging on a large scale for biscuits, wafer food and all kinds of other products with regular round or square shape.

Product Introduction

Standard functions
Multiple servo motors and PLC, etc. constitute control and drive core, with higher control accuracy and reliability;
More precise temperature control system, with bag forming and length cutting;
Double drive longitudinal sealing and advanced longitudinal sealing heating technology can better protect packaging film;
Formula type modular design;
Automatic monitoring and self-diagnosis for the reasons for and solutions to the faults occurred In the running process of packaging machine.

Can match with length measuring loader or counting loader;
Its downstream can match with horizontal boxing machine.