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Jam sandwiching machine with packaging machine

Jam sandwiching machine with packaging machine

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Standard functions 
●In the running process of machine, the brush and compressed air will automatically clean the biscuit pushing chain. 
●There is no biscuit no cream system, automatic recovery of feed after there are biscuits. 
●Easy operation: simple machine adjustment, machine settings and alarm detecting can be done through 10 inch HMI 
●Garbage catch tray which can be disassembled easily can facilitate machine cleaning and maintenance 
●High speed: 800 sandwiching biscuits per minute 
●Shape: including: round, square, rectangular or special shape 
●Standard product size range: 35 mm - 70 mm. (The biscuits with special specification can be custom made) 
●Efficient servo system, seamless connection with packaging machine; 
●Can almost connect with any brand of pillow type packaging machine; 
●Typical forms of packaging: 2×12×22×32×4or even 2x5 or 2x6.