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Horizontal Boxing Machine

Horizontal Boxing Machine

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Horizontal boxing machine

Paper boxes are put into conveyer system and shaped via chuck, through precise synchronous conveyer system, products are put into paper boxes by push rod device, it’s especially suitable for the products such as biscuits, chocolate and coffee, etc. Horizontal boxing machine can connect to the upstream equipment by matching, such as: pillow type packaging machine, X-fold packaging machine or Tray-free biscuit On-edge packaging machine.

Product Introduction

Standard functions
Sanitary design, the whole machine adopts stainless steel and aluminum structure; there is no painted surface in the product area.
There is no paper box function without product, so as to reduce the waste of paper boxes;
Equipped with hot melt adhesive for gluing
Convenient size adjusting mechanism,
All product areas adopt stainless steel material

Feed sorting system is aimed at small strip packaging products, such as coffee;
Feeding conveyor
Label putting system