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Counting & Feeder Machine for Biscuit

Counting & Feeder Machine for Biscuit

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Counting Feeder

According to the customer’s workshop layout, product variety, output and packaging requirements, EverSmart will make the most ideal design scheme, provide professional customization from biscuit rejoining or shunting transport after biscuit oven, to merging or row multiplier transport, vibration transport, and various types of automatic loaders, to realize the semi-automatic and fully-automatic production of biscuits, minimize loss and secondary pollution in the process of transport and turnover of products and improve production efficiency. 

EverSmart can design various product processing solutions according to different operating procedures, including: 
•Automatically connected to the sandwiching machine 
•Stacking loader 
•Length measuring loader 
•Counting loader 
•On-line pallet loading system


Product Introduction

Standard functions:

Suitable for loading of biscuits, sandwiching biscuits, toasted bread and other products; it can load round and rectangular shapes, etc.. 
As needed, it can connect any X-fold On-edge packaging machine or Tray-free biscuit On-edge packaging machine, feeding onto the tray is also available. 
As needed, counting loader system can process 4 -6-8-10 rows at a time, the feeding end can be directly connected to row multiplier or biscuit sandwiching machine. 
●Adopt the efficient servo control system, according to the different features of products, can achieve the highest 25 times/minute output; 
●The packaging length can range from 70 mm to 280 mm, the quantity of biscuits can be easily adjusted through HMI; 
●For the products with inconsistent thicknesses, such as sandwich biscuits, counting loader can accurately control the product quantity; when the desired number of biscuits is reached, this part of biscuits will be accurately transferred to the packaging machine conveying chain;