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Chocolate Injection Machine

Chocolate Injection Machine

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Chocolate Injection Machine, Jam Injection Machine

This unit is used injecting cream,chocolate or jam into hollow type biscuit. 
Character:Cover made of Stainless steel enable the machine have good appearance, 
with automatic de-mould and  pneumatic protection function make the machine flexible and simple operation.

Product Introduction

Main performance and structural features: 
Compact structure, stable performance, easy to operate. 
Suitable for the production of diversified varieties. 
With insulation structure. 
Transmission conveyor chain to be used to name high-quality conveyor chain, durable, low noise in operation. 
Adjustable variable speed motor. 
Automatic release biscuit, automatic injection of pulp (adjustable quantitative) 

Technical Specifications: 
Speed: 720 per minute 
Total power: 9KW 
Overall dimensions: 3900 * 950 * 1500MM